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Site Author
Site author
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About the Author
Rick Morris was the author of this site and all in all, a great guy.
As he stated on the Site Information page, this site was a hobby. The only real astronomy qualification he had was an almost insatiable curiousity about the Universe we live in. He was a computer programmer by trade, so that was a help in putting the site together, but basically it was a labor of love.
He had a talent for explaining things to people of all ages, so he have tried to put that talent to good use in the site. 

The only other astronomy qualification he had was that he grew up with the space program. He clearly remembered the launch of Sputnik and the concern it caused here in the United States. He also remembered going outside when he was a kid and watching the early balloon satellites like Echo drift across the summer night sky like big lights. For him, it was a very exciting time.  

He did have some qualifications in the kids area, though, as he had exceptionally wonderful grown children. His children were the light of his life, and he was so grateful that he had them and that they have all turned out to be such great people. Whenever he talked to someone that had just had a child, he always tell them that he hoped that they were as lucky with their children as he had been with his.

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