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When it comes to the Universe, we are all beginners. In spite of the tremendous advances in what we know about our cosmic surroundings, we have only started to scratch the surface. As an example, the first planet outside our own solar system was discovered just a few short years ago and now we know of a least a hundred more and astronomers discover additional planets on what seems to be an almost daily basis.
If you are just getting started on your journey through the skies and are intimidated by what you don't know, join the crowd. We all feel the same way. Even the most knowledgeable scientists feel the same way most of the time. The Universe is something that presents us with at least two more questions for every answer that we uncover. That's what makes it so interesting.
In this section of the site, we will try to help you join in the journey of discovery and amazement.

Become A Skilled Observer in Just 28 Days!
This sounds like one of those cheezy diet offers, doesn't it? In spite of the fact that the sky presents a different view every night, there is a rhythm to it. In this section, we will try to help you get in touch with that rhythm. The best part is that it doesn't cost anything to do this!

Tools You Might Need
You already have the two most important tools you will need on your journey: your mind and your eyes. However, there are some other things that might help you along the way including computer software, books and other web sites.

Buying a Telescope?
If you are thinking about buying a telescope, you might want to take a look at this page. Telescopes can offer a very thrilling view of the night sky, but there are lot of things to think about before taking the plunge.

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